Harney and Sons Classic Cinnamon Spice Tea

Harney and SonsWe can’t get enough…

These sachets make some mighty hol­iday tea. Per­fect for sip­ping, gifting and sharing with good company.

With three types of cin­namon, plus orange, and a touch of clove, this tea excep­tion­ally aro­matic. It is a cinnamon-lover’s dream—including the nat­ural sweet­ness. There’s no need to add honey. The dec­o­ra­tive tin keeps it fresh, and even­tu­ally makes a great storage or keep­sake jar.

This is one of Harney and Son’s most pop­ular teas, and for good reason. Try it!

Kitchen Basics Soup Stock

Kitchen Basics Soup StockA More Fla­vorful Alternative

Kitchen Basics Stock, a staff favorite, has a richer, heartier taste that serves as the per­fect flavor-​​building ingre­dient for so many dishes. We use it in every­thing from risottos, to stuffing, to soups and sauces, and to flavor veggie dishes and pota­toes. Read more…

Knudsen Cider & Spice

Knudsen Cider & SpiceA taste of Autumn
Warm a little Knudsen Cider and Spice on the stove top, and the room fills with the won­derful scent of mulling spices. What a wel­comed atmos­phere to come home to after work or school!

Cozy up with a mug of this 100% apple-​​y, New Eng­land tra­di­tion Read more…