Welch's Grape Juice 2 for 85¢We’re always on the lookout for new prod­ucts, and when we find some­thing that we really like, we find a home for it. Our favorites may be the old standbys or new prod­ucts that our cus­tomers are raving about.

You may wonder how some­thing makes the cut when there is already so much com­pe­ti­tion for shelf space. What’s the cri­teria? Our tasting panel loves to be blown away by an out­standing product, and when this hap­pens, it is gen­er­ally unan­i­mous. Another key con­sid­er­a­tion is sustainability–we love our local sup­pliers. If you try some­thing that you think we should be stocking, tell one of our managers–we want to know about it. Some of our favorite prod­ucts are listed below.

  • Just Desserts cakes
  • Stude­baker cheesecakes
  • Mince­meat pies for the holidays
  • Alle­gria and Taste of Italy Biscotti
  • Oakland’s Pietis­serie pies
  • Marin Pasta’s heav­enly ravioli
  • Stonewall Kitchen’s condiments
  • Local artisan bread from Acme and Semifreddi
  • La Piana’s spreads and sauces
  • Cowboy Creamery’s award-​​winning cheeses
  • Sukhi’s Indian Foods–try their Nanwiches
  • KATZ & Company’s award-​​winning vinegars
  • Apollo Olive Oil
  • A wide variety of choco­late, because we believe that it’s not just a snack or dessert; rather, it nour­ishes the soul


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