Lemon Drop Martini

Refreshing Lemon Drop Martini The Lemon Drop Martini (or just Lemon Drop) is a delicious modern spin on the vodka martini that was created here in SF in the 70s. Often served as a dessert drink, it is a great choice whenever you are craving some lemony sweetness. It is also easily customized to your taste.

Made of vodka, limoncello (a sweet, Italian liqueur), lemon juice, and simple syrup, you coat the rim of the glass with lemon and dust it with granulated sugar. It is served with a twist.

Making the lemon twist
An easy way to make a lemon twist is with a carrot peeler. With the right touch, you can peel a strip and avoid the pith. Then just roll the peel into a tight spiral and gently squeeze it. The twist will loosen up once you release it. To store, keep it in a glass of ice water to maintain the spiral.

The Lemon Drop Martini
Adapted from The Spruce Eats
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Masala Chai Mocktail

Photo of a glass of Masala Chai Mocktail on a tableThis Masala Chai Mocktail is delicious for brunch, during cocktail hour, or any time you want to spice up your beverage choices. Masala refers to the spice blend, and chai means tea. (So, saying chai tea is redundant.)

Chai developed in India after the British colonialists started growing its favorite bitter beverage on the subcontinent in the mid-1800s. And this sweetened, spicy version took off like wildfire. Chai wallahs, or tea stands, are in every city in India.

The particular blend of spices used to make the masala varies regionally and from family to family. In this recipe, we call for tea bags that already include the spices. So, choose the blend that you favor.

Masala Chai Mocktail Recipe
Adapted from Bon Appétit Magazine
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The Brandy Alexander

Photo of a Brandy Alexander cocktail on a grey backgroundThe Brandy Alexander is a delicious cocktail that finds the perfect balance between three ingredients, brandy, crème de cacao liqueur, and cream. The cocktail is designed to have a hint of chocolate, not be terribly sweet, and is nonetheless indulgent. It can stand as a dessert on its own and also be paired with sweet treats like custards and ice cream.

One of the earliest known printed recipes for the Brandy Alexander can be found in Hugo Ensslin’s 1916 book “Recipes for Mixed Drinks.” The cocktail was likely born at Hotel Rector in New York City. The bartender there, Troy Alexander, created his eponymous concoction. Folks have been appreciating this retro cocktail ever since.

Brandy Alexander Cocktail Recipe
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Toblerone Cocktail

Two Toblerone Cocktails on a dark backgroundThe Toblerone chocolate bar was invented in 1908 in Bern, Switzerland by young Thodore Toberlone and his cousin Emil Bauman. As for the Toblerone cocktail, a version was crafted by Simon Difford in 2003, that did not include Frangelico. Similar versions to what we have below can be found around the internet.

The Toblerone Cocktail is a decadently rich drink inspired by the famous Swiss chocolate. It is nutty, creamy, and divine. It features three liqueurs, coffee-flavored Kahlúa from Mexico, hazelnut-flavored Frangelico from Italy, and Baileys Irish cream liqueur. We add some heavy cream and honey syrup to make it smooth and sweet. Then we chocolate-coat the rim. You can garnish with Toblerone chocolate shavings to complete the recipe.

The Toblerone Cocktail Recipe
Adapted from Liquor.com
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