Bourbon Old Fashioned

Glass of Bourbon Old FashionedThe Bourbon Old Fashioned is simply a slug of whiskey, seasoned and sweetened. Yet for all of its sophisticated simplicity, the drink is delicious and remains a favorite after all these years.

The first definition of a cocktail, around 1806, called for spirits, sugar, water, and bitters. The Old Fashioned hits all those marks, using whiskey, sugar, water, and aromatic bitters.

We begin with a good, skippable bourbon. Next, we add muddled sugar (simple syrup dilutes the drink a bit) and bitters.

Bourbon Old Fashioned Recipe
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Pear Spice Cocktail

TPhoto of a Pear Spice Cocktail taken from abovehis seasonal, Pear Spice Cocktail is reminiscent of crisp fall days. We plan to sip it in front of the fireplace with friends and family. And, the flavors are perfect for the holidays.

Bourbon pairs beautifully with both the fruity pear flavor as well as the warm baking spices. And, we bet you will find plenty more uses for the clover simple syrup in both your cocktails and cooking this season. The cinnamon sugar rim adds a nice aromatic perfume of cinnamon and a slightly bitter-sweet flavor. To keep the cocktail from getting too sweet, mix your cinnamon sugar 2/3 cinnamon and 1/3 sugar.

Pear Spice Cocktail Recipe
Adapted from Gastronom
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Dark ‘n Stormy

Photo of a Dark 'n Stormy cocktailThe Dark ’n Stormy is a delicious, simple-to-prepare, three-ingredient cocktail featuring a refreshing mix of dark rum, ginger beer, and lime. It’s a close cousin to the Moscow Mule which is made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime. Lore has it that it was named by sailors who said they would not sail under “those skies.” However, we promise it goes down smoothly!

The cocktail has been popular over the years and can be found in bars across the world. However, the brand Gosling’s Black Seal Rum owns the registered trademark. So, technically, it’s not a Dark ‘n Stormy unless it’s made with Gosling’s. Whatever you do, make certain to use a dark rum (definitely not spiced) for the full flavor and visual effect.

The other variation on the drink is the lime juice. We love the pleasant citrusy kick—it adds a fresh flavor. Some recipes call for it while others omit. If you are ordering one in Bermuda, for example, it will be served sans splash of lime.

Dark ’n Stormy Recipe
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Image of a glass of Chianti with decanter on a table topSmells and tastes like Italy.
It is unpretentious and a favorite of wine enthusiasts. It is a dry red wine of the Sangiovese grape variety produced in Tuscany, a part of central Italy. Chianti is one of the most renowned Italian wine-making zones.

The characteristics are defined by black and red fruit elements, savory notes, such as meat and leather, herbs, and baking spice. At the same time, Chianti shows fine-grained tannins and a really refreshing medium-high acidity. It has a velvety texture and dry taste. A good bottle will benefit from extra aeration to reduce acidity.

The wine’s high acidity cuts through oily and fatty foods. The dusty tannin makes Chianti wonderful to pair with courses rich in olive oil, tomato, or meat,

The earliest documentation of a Chianti wine dates back to the 14th century when viticulture was known to flourish in the Chianti Mountains around Florence. It was historically associated with a squat bottle enclosed in a straw basket. However, most Chianti is now bottled in more standard wine bottles. In the mid-late 19th century, Baron Bettino Ricasoli (later Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Italy) helped establish Sangiovese as the blend’s dominant grape variety, creating the blueprint for today’s Chianti wines.

Villa Claudia—Our Chianti Recommendation
Villa Claudia Chianti 2019 has a taste profile including cherries and is lightly flora. This high-acid wine with soft tannins pairs wonderfully with pasta alla bolognese and pizza.

About Villa Claudia
Rufina is the most well-known of the Chianti zones, due to some of the finest Tuscan wines being produced there. The VC farm is 55 hectares of vineyards & woods in the heart of Chianti. There is an ancient hamlet on the property, constructed by the Etruscans, who also built walls in this area nearly 1000 years ago that are still intact.