Cold Brew Negroni

Photo of a Cold Brew Negroni in a rocks glass on a bar

The result of our Cold Brew Negroni recipe is a wonderfully caffeinated take on the classic, bittersweet aperitif. The flavors mesh perfectly with sweet vermouth and walnut bitters for a complex flavor profile.

This is a great warm-weather cocktail when you need a little pick-me-up. And, for folks who enjoy cold drinks in all kinds of weather, it is a year-round treat. And, of course, you can always infuse your Campari with decaf if you prefer.

And, as for the gin, it is worth using the good stuff in this cocktail as the flavor definitely comes through.

Cold Brew Negroni Recipe
Adapted from Food and Wine Magazine
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The Sugar Cookie Martini

Photo of the Sugar Cookie Martini with a rim of sprinkles

This yummy, sweet, dessert drink, The Sugar Cookie Martini, makes the perfect dessert cocktail for times when baking a batch of cookies is not fast enough! Delicious to share for special occasions and easy enough to prepare on a weeknight when you have that sugar craving.

The ingredients for this recipe are common enough in cocktail recipes that it is worth having them on hand. The combined flavors of vanilla vodka, amaretto, and Irish cream are absolutely reminiscent of that favorite dessert, the sugar cookie.

We added a colorful rim of sprinkles for a fun presentation. You can also use colored, crystalized decorating sugar or even vanilla frosting to rim the glass.

The Sugar Cookie Martini Recipe
Adapted from The Spruce Eats
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Brown Butter Old Fashioned

Lu Brow, the former cocktail director at New Orleans’ (now-closed) DTB, incorporated the nutty, toasty flavor of brown butter into this classic cocktail. This Brown Butter Old Fashioned features a base of brown butter-infused bourbon.

Brown sugar lends an earthy sweetness to the classic Bourbon Old Fashioned, while the classic Angostura bitters lend spice and a muddled maraschino cherry imparts a rich fruitiness. This takes a little extra time to construct. But this drink is ultimately easy to make at home.

To incorporate the brown butter, heat unsalted butter in a saucepan until it has a nutty aroma. Then add the browned butter to a bottle of bourbon, freeze it, and skim off the solids. What remains is a rich, buttery whiskey.

Brown Butter Old Fashioned Recipe
Adapted from
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