Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini cocktailDaylight Saving Time pulls a trick on us. It’s like everyone around us, including ourselves, is jet-lagged by an hour. This coffee-infused martini might not remedy the problem, but it could give you the boost you need to get through the weekend.

We recommend using decent vodka and good-quality espresso. If you have a home espresso maker, you can pull a few shots and cool them quickly in the freezer. You want to mix the cocktail using chilled espresso so as not to dilute it with ice. This is a great time to have some bottled, cold-brewed espresso (unsweetened) on hand.

Espresso Martini Recipe
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The Hurricane Cocktail

The Hurricane CocktailSo, we may not get hurricanes in Oakland, but we sure get rain. We are celebrating our latest atmospheric river with this classic, Southern cocktail, The Hurricane.

This Hurricane first became popular in the 1940s in New Orleans at Pat O’Brian’s bar. It was named after the hurricane lamp-shaped glass that it is served in.

This drink is simple to make and has a delicious blend of passion fruit and orange juices. Plus, it is perfect for serving on Mardi Gras which is only a week away.

The Hurricane Cocktail
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Valentines Dark Chocolate Martini

Valentines Chocolate MartiniThis rich, indulgent experience will satisfy your chocolate lover. It is so simple to mix, but nonetheless very impressive. The Godiva Dark Chocolate Martini makes a wonderful Valentine’s dessert cocktail.

Valentines Dark Chocolate Martini
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Super Bowl Cocktails

Super Bowl CocktailsWe are planning for the Super Bowl. And, while beer is great, sometimes we want to go beyond the usual and mix it up a bit with cocktails. Here are some of our suggestions for classic Super Bowl drinks.

Let’s start with Margaritas
When it comes to making the perfect Margarita it cannot get easier to make than using Tommy’s Margarita Mix. You simply add tequila and ice for one of the freshest-tasting, authentic Margaritas you can make. It is the perfect balance of sweet and tart. And, you can go traditional or frozen in a snap.

Tommy’s Margarita is made from 100% all-natural ingredients sourced directly from Mexico. This unique blend helps to create a truly authentic taste. Fresh pressed lime juice, organic blue agave nectar, and purified water create this delicious mix.

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Chamomile Hot Toddy

Chamomile Hot ToddyThis warm, comforting cocktail is great for unwinding after a long day. And, it also might soothe what ails you during cold season. The chamomile tea lends a nice floral note to this whiskey toddy.

Chamomile Hot Toddy Recipe
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