Kinder’s Marinades and Sauces

Kinder’s Marinades and SaucesTurn up the Flavor

Barbecue season is upon us, and our staff hands-down recommends Kinder’s. Over the years, three generations of this local family have worked hard to bring their delicious line of sauces, marinades and rubs to our shelves.

Kinders BBQ sauce comes in three degrees Read more…

Mountain Fruit Co.

Mountain Fruit Co FigTantalizing!

Mountain Fruit Co. is a small jamming company located in Chico, that makes some of the most real jams we’ve tasted: loads of fruit, heaps of flavor, and very little sugar. The intensity of fresh fruit flavor is alive.

They come in some pretty exciting flavors like: A Red Duet Read more…

Katz and Company

Katz and CompanyA Local Love Story.

Albert and Kim Katz met at UC Berkeley, fell in love, opened a Berkeley restaurant, and eventually moved to the Napa Vally where they began growing olives. They now have 30+ acres of mature, CCOF groves. They produce wonderful Artisan Vinegars Read more…

TCHO Chocolate

TCHO ChocolateChocolate as it should be.

TCHO is a craft chocolatier obsessed with creating amazing chocolate…and making a better world.

TCHO does not include, additives. Rather, the differences in flavor come from the variety of beans and the way they are processed. TCHO talks about flavor notes Read more…

Bartolini Soups

Bartolini Soup Italian Soul Food for a Rainy January
In the hills of southern Umbria, the Bartolini family have been growing olives, grains, and legumes since the 1850’s.

Bartolini Farmer’s Soup
The soup includes borlotti beans, red lentils, chickpeas, canellini beans, red azuki beans, yellow soy, Read more…

Guittard Chocolate

Guittard Chocolate As close to perfection as chocolate can get!

Guittard is our favorite chocolate for holiday baking and candy making. With its rich, creamy mouthfeel, genuine chocolate flavor, and smooth texture, we use it whenever our recipes call for chocolate—it takes your baking to new heights.

Guittard Read more…

Wood’s Boiled Cider

Wood's Bolied Cider Wonderful Apple Intensity

Everything Wood’s Boiled Cider touches is more apple-y: muffins, cakes, pies, tarts, and crisps. It is 100% concentrated cider—one gallon of cider is evaporated down to one pint of boiled cider, magically capturing the intense, robust flavor of just-picked apples Read more…

Devoto Orchards Cider

Devoto OrchardsHow ’bout them apples?

At Piedmont Grocery we are loving the fall flavors of Devoto Orchards Cider. They are made from handpicked, never concentrated, 100% organic, heirloom apples. They come in three varieties, and we can’t decide which we like better. Read more…

Marin French Cheese Company

Marin French Cheese CamembertThe longest continually-operating cheese company in America is right here, in West Marin County.

Marin French crafts their distinctive cheeses in small batches, uses traditional cultures, and coaxes the distinctly coastal terrior and flavor into every cheese.

They have been Read more…

Belfiore Cheese Company

Bellifiore Cheese CompanyTra­di­tional Italian Cheese that has trav­eled all the way from Berkeley.

They say that when it comes to fresh cheese, it is better to import the cheese maker than the cheese. And that is just what Belfiore did. Have you tried their milky-​​fresh Fior di Latte (Fresh Moz­zarella in water), Traditional Read more…