Stutz Olive Oil

Stutz Olive OilGourmet quality olive oil at supermarket prices.
We are all about Stutz Olive Oil. It’s a perennial staff favorite. This local company is just up the road in Piedmont, and produces three varieties of extra virgin olive oil. Californian has a more peppery flavor and the Mediterranean tastes Read more…

Caggiano Fresh Sausages

Caggiano Fresh SausagesOutstanding Sausage
As summer goes on, grillers seem to keep on bringing out the hot dogs and hamburgers. You can do better with variety and flavor by grilling these delicious Caggiano sausages.

Nothing is easier to grill than sausages. You simply cook them slowly and turn often. Read more…

Loard’s Ice Cream

Loard's Ice CreamFall in love with ice cream.
Many of us remember Loard’s as a favorite ice cream spot growing up in the Bay Area. The iconic ice cream shop that was founded in the 1950s has not changed their recipe, and the result is really, really good creamery style ice cream.
This truly old-fashioned Read more…

Roberto’s of Santa Cruz Salsa

Roberto's Salsa and GuacamoleRoberto’s of Santa Cruz makes some extremely tasty salsa. It is about as good as it gets.

The flavors are fresh and complex, and it always tastes like it was just made at your favorite restaurant. (In fact, it outshines a lot of restaurant salsa.)

Plus, it’s local and authentic. Read more…

St. George Spirits

St. George SpiritsSt. George Spirits is a beloved, local producer of some of the most delicious spirits we have tasted. And, we hope you get a chance to explore their exciting range of products. A craft distillery located in Alameda, California, they were started in 1982 by Jörg Rupf as an eau-de-vie distillery. Read more…