Grilled Cheese BLT

Grilled Cheese SandwichNo More Pencils, No More Books…
This week marks the last week of school for a lot of folks, and for those of us who have been experiencing end of school year burn out, it can’t come too soon. It’s not just the kids who get burned out, it is also the parents, and I’ve reached my limit.

For the next 10 weeks there will be no lunch-making, no did you do your homework?, no why aren’t you ready to go?, no why didn’t you tell me about this project sooner?,  no what time is practice? and no can you pick up this kid, because I need to pick up the other kid halfway across town, in afternoon commute traffic?.

For the next 10 weeks I might actually get to enjoy a cup of coffee before I get to work. For the next 10 weeks there is a better than average chance that someone will do a load of laundry (folding optional). And I know without question, that for the next 10 weeks my sons (and most likely their cousin) will be eating a legitimate lunch (meaning not just cereal straight from the box), only because their younger sister will make it for them. She has been known to encourage their couch potato/sloth-like habits by making up a “Summer Menu” for them. This helps me out because I now have a ready-made list of shopping items to have on hand for Zee Chef. See? Win-win for everyone. It will be dark times though, when she is at camp…

Although the menu has not yet been set, one item that will certainly be on there is grilled cheese. We’re all grilled cheese fans. How can you not be? It’s bread and cheese. (Word!) So it would not surprise me if this is the most popular meal, whether it be the traditionally grilled version or hot off the Panini press.

I like to experiment with my grilled cheeses. Use different cheeses or adding veggies and spreads to them. Irish Dubliner and some thin sliced green apple is one of my favorites…Brie works too.

So here’s to the start of Summer and to a quick grilled cheese meal to get you out and enjoying the most fun time of the year!

Making a Great Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Everyone knows how to make a grilled cheese sandwich, right? You need bread, you need butter, and you need cheese. Then you cook it in a flat, oiled pan until brown on both sides. Here are a few tips to make yours extra-delicious—and also a few of the infinite variations for customizing this favorite comfort food.

You can use any bread you wish, just make certain it does not have big air bubbles, so the cheese stays inside, and that it is not sliced too thickly, so that the cheese can melt.

Use a cheese that melts easily: Cheddar, Swiss Taleggio, Brie or Gruyére work well. If you want to use a dry cheese, just add a little for flavor, but make the majority of your cheese something that melts well (i.e. mozzarella and feta make a great combination).

Butter the bread on both sides. This will make for a much more delicious sandwich. And if you are using unsalted butter, make certain to salt the griddle.

Always cook on medium-low heat. This will allow enough time for the cheese to melt on the inside, and helps the bread to brown properly.

And, of course, serve your sandwiches while they are still hot!

Grilled Cheese BLT
This basic grilled cheese has a few add-ons that makes it amazing. Of course, there are infinite variations.

First, we like to go with a simple sourdough or Dave’s Killer Bread’s White Bread Done Right. Heat your skillet (medium-low), and butter the inside of your bread. We love using a sharp cheddar with thinly-sliced tomatoes. You will also be needing some crispy bacon.

Here’s the trick, instead of butter, generously spread mayonnaise on the outside of your bread. This lends the tang of that true BLT flavor, and the bread gets nice and crispy.

The lettuce is added after the sandwich is cooked—just peel the sandwich open. We like the delicacy of red leaf, or if you are adventuresome…arugula.

For some additional Grilled Cheese inspiration you could try this recipe for Spanakopita Grilled Cheese, this Muffuletta Grilled Cheese Recipe, or this inside-out grilled cheese recipe, the Frico Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

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