Bachelor Beef Stew

Bachelor Beef StewThe Comfort of January

January, for me, is a slow month. The chaos of the holidays is over. There is usually a lull in youth sporting activities—though this year the boys are trying basketball. And there just isn’t that much going on, which means I get a bit lazy.

This time is all about the crock pot. My issue is that I get tired of the same old same old. Pot roast is great…occasionally. You can only do so much chili and pulled pork before you lose your sanity (and your waistline). So I have been looking for new recipes to try that are good but also fall into that comfort food category and, don’t require a lot of prep so I can throw them in the pot in the morning.

Most crock pot recipes are heavy on the beef mainly because you can use the tougher cuts that break down over long periods of cooking and are melt in your mouth good at the end. This one uses steak tips which make it even easier for those days when you’re really lazy since you don’t even have to cut it. The use of the microwave might seem weird but it works. Just try it next time you’re on the couch with a book and don’t want to move much.

Bachelor Beef Stew
Recipe adapted from Slow Cooker Revolution
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