Pre-Pack Hot Bar Favorites

Pre-Pack Hot Bar FavoritesHot & Ready!
Our Hot Bar is up and running with pre-packaged hot bar favorites. Get a delicious meal hot and ready to eat! We will be carrying some of our most popular items such as Fried Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Lasagna,
Chicken Verde Meatballs, and Mexican entrees.

The selection will change daily so come on by and check out what we have in stock. Read more…

Daily Hot Bar Suspended

Daily Hot Bar SuspendedOur Daily Hot Bar has been closed temporarily in an effort to help contain the COVID-19 virus and keep our customers safe. We are also putting a halt to the self-service options for the salad, soup, and olive bar. We will keep you posted when we are back up and running.

We are still carrying our whole, roasted chickens and are working to expand our Grab N Go options with plenty of take-out.

Be well!

Daily Hot Bar Menu Week of March 3

Daily Hot Bar Menu Week of March 3The Daily Hot Bar Menu for the week of March 3 will be chef’s choice all week. Because we are having repairs done in our kitchen, it is impossible to plan the menu in advance.

So, please come in and find out what it cooking! We promise there will be a delicious array of ready-to-eat hot dishes each day.