The Maple Manhattan

The Maple ManhattanThis recipe for the Maple Manhattan blends perfectly with Thanksgiving flavors and is the perfect cocktail to enjoy with hors d’oeuvers before your feast. It takes minutes to prepare and you just might have all the ingredients already on hand!

The Maple Manhattan Recipe
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Ginger Bourbon Punch

Ginger Bourbon Punch RecipeThis Ginger Bourbon Punch isn’t strictly bourbon-driven. There’s a hit of dark rum, the warmth of ginger, and a sweet citrusy mix to soften the flavors. And, it makes for a great cocktail at any holiday gathering. Mix up a batch for Thanksgiving!

Ginger Bourbon Punch Recipe
Adapted from Imbibe Magazine
Yields 12 to 14 servings (depending upon cup size) Read more…

The Double Apple

The Double AppleIf you are looking for a delicious fall-themed cocktail, this Middle Eastern-inspired beverage uses Calvados, boiled cider, and arak to present the tart-sweet flavor of apples with an anise accent. It is simple to prepare and absolutely delicious!

The Double Apple Recipe
Adapted from Imbibe Magazine
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Apple Martini

Apple MartiniThe Apple Martini is a sweet and delicious cocktail with a vodka base. Many variations on the apple martini exist. The origin of this cocktail is the Appletini that was made with apple schnapps and vodka. A combination of sweet and sour, this cocktail has a subtle kick.

We have modernized it with calvados and fresh apple juice. A splash of lemon juice, and simple syrup highlight the green flavor profile of this once-popular drink.

Apple Martini recipe
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