The Jack Rose

Photo of the classic The Jack Rose cocktailThe Jack Rose Cocktail takes its name from its main ingredient and its rosy color. Its ingredients are applejack (apple brandy), lemon juice, and grenadine. This classic cocktail has been popular since the 1920s. As with many classic cocktails, the Jack Rose has a balance of sweet and sour to accent the base liquor. You can adjust the amount of lemon juice and grenadine to suit your personal taste.

Applejack is similar to apple brandy with a mellower flavor. It is often made with a blend of apple brandy and neutral grain spirits. The result is a strong liquor (often bottled at 80 proof) with a rich apple flavor that’s perfect for cocktails like this.

Applejack provides a subtly fruity base to the Jack Rose that merges effortlessly with the lemon and grenadine. Good grenadine is essential when making this cocktail, as it’s the only source of sweetness to balance the flavors.

Note: You can skip the bright-red versions that are laden with artificial ingredients, and instead try making your own with pomegranate juice and sugar. It’s simple and effective.

Jack Rose Recipe
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Classic Manhattan

The Classic Manhattan Cocktail on a dark tableThe classic Manhattan was invented in New York City’s Manhattan Club in the 1880s. And, over the years, it has dipped in and out of fashion. Eventually, it found its way to being one of the cornerstones of craft cocktails.

What is interesting is that this drink that evolved in the 19th century looks and tastes pretty much the same as the one served today. The Manhattan mixes American whiskey and Italian vermouth, enlivened with a few dashes of aromatic bitters, in this timeless and delicious definition of what a cocktail should be.

We use rye in this version for its spicy profile. But, you can go with whatever you prefer, either rye or whiskey. And, while Angostura bitters are a must, you might choose to include a single dash of orange bitters to help brighten the flavor.

However you decide to craft your Manhattan, the classic combination of two parts whiskey to one part sweet vermouth and bitters (stirred, never shaken) is easy to remember. Mix one up and you’ll see why this drink has remained a favorite since its inception. Read more…

Wintery Julep

Photo of the Wintery Julep cocktail against a white napkin.This Wintery Julep cocktail is a spin on the Kentucky Derby’s Mint Julep usually served in late spring. Warming rather than cooling, its simple to prepare. Plus, this minty julep goes well with all the winter holidays flavors and will keep you toasty on a chilly day!

Wintery Julep Recipe
Adapted from Imbibe Magazine
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