Specialty Foods

La Choy Chinese Foods on SpecialGluten-free
For the gluten-intolerant, we carry a range of delicious products, including King Arthur Bread mix and Amy’s Kitchen’s buttery, flaky shortbread cookies.

International aisle
Our British expats know that they can pick up what is an acquired taste for many–Vegemite. We have German egg noodles that seem to fly off the shelves. And our Spanish foods include tinned tuna that bears little resemblance to the Starkist that goes into our tunafish sandwiches.

Gourmet foods
We carry a wide selection of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, fresh caviar and, depending on availability, truffles. Our candy selection is extraordinary and evolving. Look for sweet and savory Vosge Chocolates and Happy Goat caramels. We like the locals–Lulu’s Toffee, XOXO, and Poco Dulce’s Bittersweet Chocolate Tiles.