Customer Diversity and Inclusion Survey


Customer Diversity and Inclusion SurveyPiedmont Grocery is preparing to involve our staff and managers in a series of staff developments focused on diversity and inclusion in our store. We would appreciate your feedback on the attached survey. Your responses will help our consultants, the Sacred Arts & Read more…

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Breast Cancer Awareness aims to promote screening and prevention of the disease, which affects one in eight women in the United States annually and 2.3 million women worldwide. Known best for its pink theme color, the month features Read more…

Kaveri Espresso Liqueur

Kaveri Espresso Liqueur from Dissident Spirits

From Dissident Spirits Co.
A combination of hand-crafted coffee beans and spirits gives Kaveri Espresso Liqueur a rich espresso flavor with rum, vanilla, and buttery oak notes fading into a deep mocha finish.

In crafting their barrel-aged Espresso Liqueur they found an ideal local partner Read more…

Fleet Week 2023

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a loud plane!
Get ready for the buzzzzzzz. Fleet Week 2023 is coming. The waterfront event is headlined by The U.S. Navy Blue Angels and is the only air show in the United States with a commercial airliner, the United 777, to perform a fully choreographed act. Read more…

Coffee-Braised Short Rib Pasta

A hearty plate of Coffee-Braised Short Rib Pasta

Comfort Me With Coffee
Even though it is still rather warm out, you can tell that the seasons are changing. It’s cooler at night and darker when I wake up in the morning. These changes have me craving sweaters, slow-cooked dinners, and rich and meaty pastas.

Over the weekend, we found ourselves in Berkeley for the Old Time Music Festival (my daughter was in the fiddle competition) which, happily, was right next door to the farmer’s market. During a break, we scouted the market to find some snacks and something to drink. As we were walking past a pasta vendor my daughter mentioned that it had been a while since we made fresh pasta and offered to make some for dinner that night. Since I am no fool, I said yes.

My tomato plant is currently going crazy so we ended up making a creamy fresh tomato and basil sauce for her beautiful pasta, but it got me thinking about this recipe for Short Ribs in Red Wine Sauce which I absolutely love. It can be eaten with polenta or mashed potatoes, but I prefer to serve it over some fresh buttered pappardelle.

This, in turn, got me thinking about short ribs in general which are a favorite of mine and a must order for me anytime we go out to dinner. You just can’t go wrong with slow-cooked beef.

In an effort to branch out and try something new, here is a promising recipe for Coffee-Braised Short Rib Pasta. It’s similar to my favorite one but I love tasting what the coffee does to the flavor.

Coffee-Braised Short Rib Pasta
Adapted from Feast Magazine
Yields 6 servings Read more…