Giving Thanks

Pumpkin PieThis week there will be a lot of people standing in line to get a turkey. While this phe­nom­enon is not unique to Pied­mont Gro­cery, it is always fun to catch up with long time cus­tomers and watch their kids grow up before our eyes and listen to neigh­bors greet each other while standing in line. It’s very Norman Rock­well and it’s what I love about being a neigh­bor­hood gro­cery store.

True, the scene is not always as serene as we would like; the stress of our busiest day of the year can get to the best of us. (If you have ever been in our parking lot the week before Thanks­giving you know what I mean.) But amidst the dwin­dling piles of cran­ber­ries, pies, pota­toes and Parker House rolls, there is an under­lying sense of com­mu­nity that makes me thankful to work where I do, with the people I do and for the cus­tomers I do.

To all of our cus­tomers, employees, friends and family I wish you all a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

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