Giving Thanks

This week there will be a lot of people standing in line to get a turkey. While this phenomenon is not unique to Piedmont Grocery, it is always fun to catch up with long time customers and watch their kids grow up before our eyes and listen to neighbors greet each other while standing in line. It’s very Norman Rockwell and it’s what I love about being a neighborhood grocery store.

True, the scene is not always as serene as we would like; the stress of our busiest day of the year can get to the best of us. (If you have ever been in our parking lot the week before Thanksgiving you know what I mean.) But amidst the dwindling piles of cranberries, pies, potatoes and Parker House rolls, there is an underlying sense of community that makes me thankful to work where I do, with the people I do and for the customers I do.

To all of our customers, employees, friends and family I wish you all a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

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