2019 SF Fringe Festival

2019 SF Fringe FestivalThe San Francisco Fringe Festival is an eclectic celebration of artistic creativity across numerous forms. The festival showcases performances in dance, spoken word, puppetry, film, and theatre. There are many Fringe festivals all over the world, and all share a commitment to free expression and creative openness. This is a venue where upcoming artists can produce their first shows. It’s sometimes edgy, always interesting, and quite varied in quality.

This Mercury News article talks about the San Francisco Fringe Festival:

Here’s what you need to know about this marvelous annual event. Yes, some of the productions you’ll encounter are as rough as the neighborhood they’re performed in. There might be a botched line or a faulty prop somewhere along the line. But what you are getting are raw, passionate stage productions that are often new and urgent and relevant.…There are 40 shows in all. I can’t speak for any of them. Some of them probably are dreadful. But I am sure glad the Bay Area has a festival where these sorts of shows feel welcome.

San Francisco Fringe Festival
Shows begin Friday, September 5th through the 14th.
The Exit Theatre is located at 156 Eddy Street in San Francisco
For a detailed calendar visit the San Francisco Fringe Festival website.

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