AIX Rosé 2021

A picnic on the beach with a bottle of AIX Rosé 2021

Vin de Provence
If you are looking for a rosé that is bright, zesty, and fresh, AIX Rosé 2021 is a vivacious wine that is ready to drink.

AIX Rosé is produced in the typical Provençal style using the direct pressing method. To achieve the beautiful pale pink color Provence rosés are known for, AIX uses cold stabilization. This gives aromas and great body to the wine resulting in a beautiful rosé that is delicious year-round.

About Maison Saint Aix
AIX Rosé 2021 is made in the Provence region of France at the winery, Maison Saint Aix. Situated in the vineyards of a 140-year-old domaine, these vineyards are non-irrigated and on a plateau at 1,400 feet above sea level, one of the highest in the region. The Mistral wind keeps the grapes dry and healthy. The soil is clay and limestone, with some sandy plots that are rich in minerals. The vineyard was converted from a truffle orchard to a vineyard in the early 1900s.

Maison Saint Aix is passionate about making the best Provence rosé. And, their grapes are sustainably farmed.

Harvest Notes
2021 was a unique year for most winegrowers in Provence. There was frost in mid-April followed by a hot and dry summer with no rain in July and August. The rain in early September extended the growing season and ensured a perfect balance between sugar ripeness and fresh acidity, the perfect result for rosé production.

The grapes were of homogeneous ripeness with slightly less sugar than prior years but with higher, bright acidity. This has lent the wine a classic, elegant, and delicate style that the higher elevation vineyards achieve in the best vintages.

Tasting Notes
A hypnotizing salmon pink color with notes of strawberry, watermelon, peach, and subtle floral hints. Discover minerality in its long and precise finish.

Food Pairing
Salmon, lobster, light salads, grilled chicken.

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