Apple-A-Day Juice

Apple-A-Day JuiceApple-A-Day’s award-winning cider knows no compromises.
Their apples are ethically grown and processed from farm to glass. Every bottle is 100% pure apple juice, with nothing added to distract from the fresh sweetness of the apple. The result is a rich burst of flavor with homegrown sensibility. Apple-A-Day apple juice is the leading winner of Gold Medals at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair and has won more “Best of Show” awards than any other apple juice.

Apple-A-Day’s cold-pressed juice uses a hydraulic press to squeeze every drop of juice from the apple. Because this doesn’t produce as much heat as other methods that have moving parts, the apples keep more of their fresh nutrients intact.

Is it Fresh Apple Juice, or is it Sweet Cider?
Yes! Cider is simply the juice pressed from apples, and sweet cider is unfermented juice.

Apple-A-Day presses their juice from three types of locally-grown apples: Gravenstein, Rome Beauties, and Golden Delicious. Their delicious, fresh juice arrives at our store frozen (for maximum freshness) and you can find it in our refrigerator section.

We carry both their conventional and organic juice in 2-quart jugs, and their conventional in gallon jugs.

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