Out on the Avenue for Super Bowl Sunday

Piedmont Avenue(Or How to enjoy Superbowl Sunday when you don’t enjoy the Superbowl)

Here at Piedmont Grocery, we are not shy about our love of sports, and football in particular. But, we do acknowledge that our community is composed of a wide range of people, many of whom don’t share our enthusiasm, and some who would rather be anywhere else this Sunday than at a sports bar or Super Bowl party.

If you are looking for a quieter way to pass the day, we have a great suggestion: beat the crowds, and support some local businesses.

First, take a stroll on the avenue and visit some of our wonderful, neighborhood shops. Don’t forget that we are open till 7 PM. We would love to see you!

Then head out for a great meal on the Avenue. Here are a few of our staff favorites:
Lo Coccos
Bay Wolf
Little Shin Shin

Next, you can take in a movie at the Piedmont Theater

And Fentons Creamery is open till 8 PM, so stop by for a classic sundae!

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