Barlovento Chocolates for Valentines Day

Barlovento Chocolates for Valentines DayBarlovento Chocolates are gourmet to the extreme!
Our customers asked for them, and now we carry them in our store.

Why for Valentines Day? Because love is right, smack in the middle of their name. Superior chocolates are a celebration to be enjoyed whenever possible! And, what better occasion than Valentines Day?

Barlovento handcrafts chocolates using only single-source, estate-grown chocolate from the Barlovento region of Venezuela, where farmers have been cultivating cocoa for generations. Many of the other ingredients they use, like almonds, fruit, honey, and spices come from farmers and growers they have worked with for years at Bay Area Farmer’s Markets.

Barlovento Chocolates are proudly produced in Oakland. This family-owned chocolate company is located near Jack London Square. They consider themselves certifiable chocoholics who refuse therapy.

We carry Barlovento Chocolates in a variety of gift boxes including hearts as well as solid chocolate bars.

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