Barlovento Chocolates

Barlovento Chocolate BarsUnpretentious chocolates that taste so much better.
We absolutely love Barlovento chocolates and think you will, too. They are silky, smooth, perfectly balanced in flavor, and of absolutely outstanding quality, They just might become your new favorite indulgence!

They only use Venezuelan chocolate in all their confections. The single-bean origin chocolate is unblended so that you can experience the pure, rich and unique flavor of Barlovento’s chocolate unadulterated. All Barlovento chocolates are handmade in small batches so they’re always fresh.

Plus, they are uber-local—their factory is in downtown Oakland. Barlovento began selling at our local Bay Area farmer’s markets, And, to pay homage to this tradition of celebrating fine foods, they source many of our flavors from local farmers and markets, including nuts, fruits, wines, and liqueurs.

Each one of their products is crafted by hand at every step of our process with premium, ethically sourced ingredients and love. Barlovento purchases all their cacao from Northern Venezuelan cooperatives who believe in sustainability and responsible land management—and who train local growers to harvest, ferment, and sell their cacao so that it can fetch a price above market rate. When the growers’ quality of life is elevated, so is the quality of their exceptional cacao.

Peter Brydon’s (Barlovento’s owner) story is an uplifting one. After a 28-year career at a printing press, he was laid off and decided to follow his dream—and his taste buds. He experimented with the art of chocolate-making for four years and briefly studied the trade in Canada before returning to the East Bay to open his own shop, where a selection of bars makes a welcomed holiday gift.

Right now we are carrying these flavors on our shelves: Venezuelan Dark with Espresso, Antioxidant Bar with Pistachios, Pomegranate, and Blueberry; Chocolate with Pistachios, Candied Ginger, and Nonpareil Almonds.

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