Best of Oakland — Best Butcher Shop 2018

Best of Oakland 2018 — Butcher ShopWe won Oakland Magazine’s  Best of Oakland for Best Butcher Shop! Thank you to our loyal customers for voting us in.

And here’s a few great things our community has said about Piedmont Grocery’s Meat & Seafood Department and our amazing butchers over the years:

Best. Butchers. Ever! Love these guys. They pick out the best for you, cut or slice it the size you need. When they have time, they even offer to pound flat the schnitzel they slice for my Wiener Schnitzel (my daughter and I have to take turns pounding when we do it ourselves—your arm muscles tire out!), and have also formed patties for us. They very carefully select mussels and clams for you. Very helpful, professional, friendly guys.
—Stephanie R., Oakland, CA

I went to the local supermarket to buy ground veal and a butcher there told me about this store. He referred to the Piedmont butchers as “artists”. Indeed, they did have a great sense of humor, and the service was phenomenal…

I bought ground beef, veal, and pork. And, I gotta say, I’ve never made meatballs that tasted this good before. So I went back 2 days later and purchased a bone-in rib-eye. Steak was juicy and succulent, I think I will make my 3rd trip over for my NY strip.
—Liz P., Manhattan, NY

The meat counter is AWESOME and takes up nearly the entire back wall of the store. Everything from sea bass, crab, and roughy, to a dizzying array of lamb, beef, and chicken. Even tasty sausages and lunch meat. The butchers will cheerfully answer your questions about what cuts to get for certain recipes or how much you’ll need for X amount of people, and offer advice on how to cook things. With a little notice, they’ll even do special requests.
—J. A., Oakland, CA

Alfredo in the meat department is incredibly friendly and answers all your questions when you’re trying to adult by hosting a dinner party. Buy food that makes life better here: meats, cheeses, and seasonal produce.
—Frank L., Oakland, CA

This place is full of Awesome. Jason in the meat department was very kind and knowledgeable, what a great positive energy, he knows his stuff and most important he provides excellent customer service. Did I happen to mention we talked Raiders football…Just win baby! Rrrraaaidddeersss!
—Marquin B., Concord, CA

Piedmont Grocery staff can’t be nicer and more helpful. Share a joke with Rodney in the meat market; he’s sure to have one for you!
—William K. H., Oakland, CA

Aside from the vast selection of cheese, they also have a large meat and seafood counter. As others have mentioned, they butchers are VERY helpful and knowledgeable. They’re great when it comes to customer service…bravo!
—Christine P., Hercules, CA


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