Boar’s Head Ovengold Roasted Turkey Breast

Boar's Head Ovengold Roasted Turkey BreastBoar’s Head Ovengold Roasted Turkey Breast is a staff favorite. It’s carefully crafted from their family recipe, seasoned with savory spices, and slow roasted to perfection. It makes for a wonderful sandwich or panini—you’ve got to try it!

Think New York Delicatessen, 1933. This is the kind of authentic, premium lunch meat you can still find at Piedmont Grocery, thanks to Boar’s Head.

There is something for everyone in their fantastic line of premium meats, cheese and condiments. These are the lunch meats that we currently have in stock for $12.99 per pound:

Oven Gold Turkey
Pepper Turkey
Low Salt Turkey
Maple Turkey
Mesquite Smoked Turkey
Oven Roasted Chicken
Chipotle Chicken
Lemon Pepper Chicken
Boiled Ham

Check out our post on Panini Sandwiches for great recieps, or visit the Boar’s Head website for a list of sandwich recipes that reads like a great New York deli menu.

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