Boichick Bagels

A pile of Boichick BagelsIn 2021 The New York Times wrote an article entitled, The Best Bagels Are in California (Sorry, New York). They declared Boichick Bagels “some of the finest New York Style bagels” they have ever tasted. And the rest is history.

Believe the hype. Berkeley’s Boichick Bagels makes bagels to die for. East Coast transplants flock to College and Alcatraz for a taste of home. Berkeley locals are finally getting amazing bagels that are baked right here. And, we are fortunate enough to sell them in our store.

Boichik’s bagels are malty, dense, and chewy— quite the contrast to the dry, crumbly bagels which are so common here on the West Coast. They’re hefty and salty, and tremendously satisfying.

We carry them in the freezer section—they’re frozen at the bakery for maximum freshness. So, next time you are in the store, find out what the buzz is about.

We are currently carrying their Plain, Everything, Pick Six Mix, and Cinnamon Raisin in six-count bags of pre-sliced bagels. We also have their Whipped Cream Cheese in the dairy section for an absolutely perfect combo.

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