Butternut Mountain Farms Pure Maple Syrup

Butternut Mountain Farms Maple Pure SyrupWe love Butternut Mountain Farms because of the quality of their syrup. The Grade A amber maple syrup that we carry is lighter in color with a rich maple flavor. It blends well with other flavors in your dishes and is wonderful on pancakes and waffles.

In their syrup-making process, absolutely nothing is added and only water is removed. And, because it is a completely natural product, maple syrup has a color and flavor that varies with each season due to environmental factors where the trees are growing.

We sell Butternut Mountain Farms Maple Syrup in glass containers because they highlight the natural beauty of pure maple syrup. Plus, the characteristics of glass make it the ideal package for maintaining maple flavor.

We carry both the 8.5-ounce clasp top bottle and the 8.5-ounce maple leaf bottle. Both are beautiful on a breakfast table and make great gifts.

About Butternut Mountain Farm
The heart of Butternut Mountain Farm really is a farm. Located on a hillside 1000 feet above the village of Johnson. At the end of three miles of rough dirt road is the 600-acre tree farm that the Marvin Family has stewarded for more than half a century. These trees have been producing syrup since the Civil War. “This place is the soul and spirit of our business,” says owner and founder of Butternut Mountain Farm, David Marvin.

The Marvin family has been deeply involved in the science, art, and practice of maple sugaring and the Vermont Maple Industry since the 1940s. Their maple syrup production is highly sustainable with rigorous environmental standards—leaving the woods unchanged for future generations. Butternut Farms hosts a collaborative relationship with the other sugar makers who they buy from ensuring the highest quality. They can trace every ounce of syrup from farm to table.

“I think we are different than most companies and maple producers because maple is full time for us. We see it from the tree to the syrup barrel, from sap chemistry to flavor analysis, through processing, quality control, packaging, sales, and marketing, to distribution and retail, from bulk value to value-added, maple is what we know and invest in, for ourselves and for our customers.”
—David Marvin

Watch this great video of how maple syrup is made at Butternut Mountain Farm

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