Campuget Tradition Rosé

Campuget Tradition RoséIf you are looking for a Rosé that is fantastic summertime drinking, we present to you Campuget Tradition Rosé. And, remember it is Bastille Day this weekend. (So shouldn’t we all be looking for a rosé?)

Campuget is a traditional French rosé with a lovely, light and fresh pink color. It’s has a particularly fruity taste of raspberries and strawberries, attractive mineral nuances, and tart citrus. Typical of the Campuget style, it has good and refreshing acidity. Campuget Rosé is made with a blend of 70% Syrah and 30% Grenache Noir.

Served at 57°F, it is perfect for summertime meals, with fresh salads or around a barbecue.

Chateau de Campuget wines are produced by respecting tradition while utilizing the most modern techniques. Although equipped with stainless-steel tanks and modern tools, wines are made and matured in a traditional way, and quality is strictly controlled from the vineyard to the bottle.

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