CandytopiaYou may want to squeeze in a visit to Candytopia before they close their doors on November 30th.

This three-month event celebrates the vibrant colors and flavors of our favorite sugary delights through a series of interactive art installations in over a dozen environments,  from flying unicorn pigs to a marshmallow tsunami. Bring your sweet tooth for an experience like none other!

How do you describe Candytopia?
What if an eccentric chocolatier and a daredevil pop star had a whirlwind romance, got married while skydiving, and had a glamorous, glittering love child who grew up to rule a small nation?  Welcome to Candytopia, where colossal candyfloss constructions meld with a tantalizing taffy twistedness!

Treat yourself to Candytopia, and let your taste buds and your imagination soar!

767 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Be certain to reserve your tickets to SF Candytopia here.

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