Caulipower Three Cheese Pizza

Caulipower Three Cheese PizzaAt the SF Fancy Food Show last week there was a lot of cauliflower popping up as an alternative ingredient. So, we tested a lot. Caulipower Pizza is hands down the best cauliflower crust pizza we have tasted. It browns up beautifully, has a great flavor, and won’t weigh you down like traditional pizza. Plus, the crust is hearty enough to withstand additional toppings.

Caulipower Three Cheese Pizza is a mouth-watering mix of mozzarella, white cheddar, and parmesan on a zesty blend of spices, extra-virgin olive oil, and garlic that make up their signature sauce. All on a cauliflower-based crust. It’s delicious, nutritious, and gluten-free. And, it is perfect for paleo diets.

Cauliflower is both awesome and delivers some heavy-hitting nutrients. It’s full of antioxidants like vitamin C and manganese, and even has phytonutrients, vitamin K, and omega-3. In other words, cauliflower brings a lot to the table.

Just bake for 13-15 minutes in a preheated 425° F oven—or until crust is crispy and cheese is golden-brown.

After trying Caulipower Pizza, you might just consider going on am all-pizza diet!

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