Celebrating Purim

Celebrating PurimPurim beings at sundown on Thursday, February 25th and ends at sundown on Friday, February 26th this year. Purim, a Jewish holiday, is a happy celebration marking the salvation of the Jewish people from an evil royal advisor named Haman. Purim celebrates the leadership of Queen Esther and the actions of her cousin Mordecai.

Purim feels like a fair or carnival. During Purim, Jewish people wear costumes and hand out gifts. The traditional Purim gift is a plate of food brought door-to-door to neighbors. If you want to celebrate Purim, remember that it is a time of year to go all out. Right is wrong, up is down, left is right, and the wine flows freely!

A traditional treat for Purim is Hamantaschen. We have both a traditional Hamantaschen recipe on our website with a choice of apricot or poppyseed filling, and also a savory recipe with Feta and Caramelized Onions.

And, we always carry challah bread from Grand Bakery.

Here is a good article on how to celebrate Purim at home.

Chag Purim samayach!!

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