Chabot Free Telescope Viewings

Image of the Chabot Free Telescopes with the bay in the backgroundVisit the Chabot Space and Science Center for free telescope viewings on clear Friday and Saturday evenings.

Join Chabot astronomers on the Observatory Deck for free telescope viewing! Weather permitting, this is a chance to explore the celestial bodies through Chabot’s historic telescopes. Chabot’s three large historic telescopes offer a unique way to experience the awe and wonder of the Universe.

Their observatory deck offers breathtaking views 1,500 feet above the Bay. Three observatory domes house the Center’s 8-inch and 20-inc refracting telescopes, along with a 36-inch reflecting telescope.

About Chabot’s Telescopes
Chabot houses three telescopes on its observatory deck. Nellie, Chabot‘s most powerful telescope, is a 36-inch reflector telescope, housed in a rolling roof observatory that allows access to 180 degrees of sky. This modern, research-quality telescope offers breathtaking views of the cosmos.

The impressive 20-inch telescope, named Rachel, is the largest refractor in the western United States regularly open to the public. Its companion, the 8-inch Alvan Clark refractor, named Leah, is the original 1883 instrument donated by founder Anthony Chabot.

Before your visit
Are the skies clear for viewing tonight? Viewing can be impacted by rain, clouds, humidity, and other weather conditions. Conditions can be unique to Chabot because of its unique location in Joaquin Miller Park.

Check the humidity on the Chabot Weather Station.
Check the cloud cover using the live view webcam of the Center.

Every Friday and Saturday Night, weather permitting
Chabot Observatory Deck
7:30 to 10:30 PM

Learn more at the Chabot to Space and Science Center website.

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