Charcut Nuvo Wild Game Sausage

Charcut Nuvo Wild Game SausageRedefining Classic Charcuterie with Charcut Nuvo Wild Game Sausage

Charcut Nuvo Wild Game Sausage is the something different you have been looking for. And they’re perfect for this wintery weather. And, the texture and flavor are amazing. They recently arrived in our store, and they’re already a staff favorite.

Ultra-premium, small-batch charcuterie products that appeal to the modern palate with adventurous flavor combinations.

They source all natural, family-farmed meats raised with no antibiotics, added hormones, nitrates, or artificial ingredients. And, Charcut Nuvo proudly honors their Swiss family’s four generations of charcuterie artisanship by consistently exceeding expectations of quality and flavor.

Wild Boar Sausage
This sausage contains boar meat, sweet apricots, and tart cranberries. The cranberries and apricots add a sweet edge to a full, rich flavor and smooth texture. Gluten free and milk free.

Smoked Elk and Pork Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst
Our smoked elk is a true Western original. This popular game bratwurst is a blend of elk, pork, jalapeño, and cheddar. Like all of our Jalapeño Cheddar brats, it has a spicy and savory mix sure to please. Gluten free.

Smoked Pork and Buffalo Bratwurst
This sausage has a rich, strong, smoky buffalo flavor. It contains a balanced blend of pork and lean bison. This sausage performs great on the grill and does not dry up. Gluten free and milk free.

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