Chefs in Their Kitchens

Chefs in Their KitchensDuring this pandemic we have become highly aware of the frequency in which we eat—preparing three meals a day at home is rife with challenge. And, it helps to see what others are preparing. Here is a short list of videos of chefs cooking in their home kitchens that includes some great recipes.

Samin Nosrat makes The Big Lasagne
Samin Nosrat shows you how to make a stellar lasagne. You can follow along as she walks you through the process from her Berkeley kitchen. We find this video so charming as she fumbles with her technology and balances the spinach on the trash can.

How to Make Dosa and Aloo Masala
Tejal Rao, The New York Times’s California restaurant critic, can’t show you her face (to remain anonymous for restaurant reviews). But, she does show you how to make perfect dosa and aloo masala—something we didn’t realize we could ever make at home.

De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina
“From my Ranch to Your Kitchen”
Mrs. Angela, a Mexican abeula, shows us that culinary legacy can be shared beautifully through social networks. She teaches mouth-watering homemade recipes to transmit the Culinary legacy from generation to generation.

Most of her videos have subtitles, but non-Spanish speakers can learn a lot even from the ones without. We are fascinated by her simple, rustic kitchen and tools as well as the ranch where she grows her food.

Martin Bakes at Home—Flourless Fudge cookies
King Arthur baker Martin and his son Arlo are baking away in their home kitchen during the pandemic. We need to have these Flourless Fudge Cookies in our lives and thought you might too.

Yewande Makes Nigerian Yam and Plantain Curry
Yewande Komolafe is a recipe writer who grew up in Lagos and a regular recipe developer for NYT Cooking. Here, she’s making her Yam and Plantain Curry With Crispy Shallots, a take on Nigerian asaro, the Yoruba word for a dish of starchy root vegetables simmered in a seasoned tomato and chile-based sauce. Simply gorgeous!

Kobe Eats
And, for the power of cuteness, you might just want to follow this short chef on Instagram (@kobe_yn) or Youtube. Kobe has unmatched enthusiasm for cooking. And, although you might not be able to duplicate his recipes, you will cheer each time he manages to dump the ingredients into the bowl.

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