Christmas Cookies from Our Collection

Christmas Cookies from Our CollectionThere is still plenty of time for Christmas baking, so we have compiled a list of some of our favorite Christmas cookies from our collection. Because Christmas just isn’t quite the same without cookies!

Anise Cakes These hard cookies are meant to be dunked into coffee or tea, like biscotti–only a little bit more dense. If you love the flavor of licorice, give these a try with your morning coffee.

Cherry Tarts Rather than prepare a complicated filling from scratch for these Cherry Tarts, we found canned cherry preserves provided the ideal consistency and flavor.

Chocolaty Caramel Thumbprints If you are a sucker for anything with chocolate, caramel and nuts so these babies are a no-brainer.

Christmas Butter Cookies This recipe originated with America’s Test Kitchen. We played around with it. It makes a great cookie sturdy enough for icing, and with plenty of butter for tastiness. Yay for butter!

Classic Scottish Shortbread  The best is traditional Scottish shortbread (Can’t go wrong with the classics.) This recipe adds some oats to the mix for a slightly nuttier flavor. It’s fantastic, and a good choice for gift giving.

Granola Bar Cookies This makes a lot of cookies depending on the size. Play around with the add-ins: you can use chocolate chips, rice crispies or whatever you have on hand that sounds good…

Molded Gingerbread Cookies Plan to do some project baking to get in the holiday mood—a batch of Molded Gingerbread Cookies should help transform anyone into Mr. or Mrs. Claus.

Overstuffed Nutters Talk about your peanut butter bomb! Just beware the altruistic soul who offers to “taste them to check for poison”. You could end up with half a batch…

Pecan Bars These bars are good, and we love that she uses honey instead of corn syrup—it give the pecan bars a more floral flavor. Plus, the addition of orange zest is delicious. You could sprinkle the cooling bars with some good-quality sea salt for a salted caramel feel. That would be darn tasty too!

Six-Layer Bars  These layer bars are the very definition of indulgence, of course you would expect that from a Paula Deen recipe.

Swedish Ginger Cookies “Gingies” as we call them, are a family favorite. They are easy to make and go great with tea & coffee and you can keep a log in the freezer to cut and bake as needed.

And if that isn’t enough inspiration, check out these two lists that of delicious recipes that we compiled from some of our favorite food blogs.

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