Christmas Revels 2013: The Spirits of Haddon Hall

RevelsCan the ghosts of past generations convince the current owners to find a way to keep the stately Hall, or will this be their final Yuletide at Haddon?

As always, there will be music, ranging from inspiring chorales to hearty sing-alongs, lovely costumes, and country dancing. Adult and children’s choruses and a brass quintet will add to the warmth, along with storytelling, and performances by accomplished guest artists – tradition bearers of the culture. Revels is a family-friendly production for all age groups. Celebrate the long-ago winter traditions that join us together in humanity and community. Join in and welcome the Yuletide.

Tickets are available at the California Revels website.
There are five remaining shows on Friday December 20th through Sunday December 22nd at the Scottish Rite Theater on Lake Merritt.

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