Clover Sonoma

Clover SonomaWe are taking a moment to appreciate Clover Sonoma (the dairy formerly known as Clover Stornetta) and honor them as our Vendor of the Month for March. They are so reliable, have great quality, and an extensive line of products—so much so that we can sometimes take them for granted.

There is nothing trendy or hipster about Clover. They have been doing it right for three generations. We can find ourselves just reaching for their eggs, milk, and half-and-half without giving it a second thought because we know they are consistently delicious.

And, then Clover has those products that we especially love, like their European Style Butter, Monterey Jack Cheese, Salted Caramel Cookie Crunch Ice Cream, Greek Yogurt, and flavored kefirs. We also love Clover Sonoma’s new chocolate milk—with a bolder flavor and some additives removed—it’s extra-chocolaty and has just the right amount of sweetener.

Founded in 1977 by Gene Benedetti, Clover has been a family-owned fixture in Petaluma since the late 1950s, when its precursor was known as the Petaluma Cooperative Creamery. Today, the company boasts more than 220 employees and sells a wide variety of dairy products, including organic.

Clover believes that being a sustainable business is the only way to do business. They consider themselves to be stewards of the land and they treat their cows humanely. They are proof that family farms can make a difference.


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