Crispin Cider

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Crispin Cider is crisp and clean, not sweet and sticky. Crispin stays true to the fruit with authentic flavors and unique aromatic notes that are only present in fresh-pressed cider.

Crispin ciders are naturally fermented using the raw, unpasteurized juice of fresh-pressed American apples. They use classic cold-fermentation and specially selected wine yeasts to create a truly delicious beverage.

We are carrying two flavors that are favorites of our staff and customers.

The Saint
The Saint Artisanal Reserve® unfiltered hard cider is made with racked apple-wine and smoothed with pure maple syrup, which balances the bold flavors of sweet, ripe apples.

Rich fruity aromas with hints of molasses and maple, toasted nutty character.

Deep rich fruit of overripe apples, slight taste of banana and pear, rich depth of maple and baking spices.

Medium mouthfeel, slightly pétillant.

Lingering notes of sweet baked pie with spices and maple.

Honey Crisp
Honey Crisp Artisanal Reserve unfiltered hard cider is made with racked apple-wine and smoothed with pure honey, which balances its bright lemon zest acidity and slightly dry, tart mouthfeel.

Strong honey, silica with semi-ripe apples prevalent.

Honey character transitions from sweet to astringent, with a backbone of sound culinary apples, and subtle yeast notes.

Full-bodied and creamy with subtle carbonation.

Floral notes with elements of honey providing a soft, pleasant finish.

Crispin Cider is 6.9% Alcohol by volume.

Best served cold for bold, crisp refreshment. Give a full bottoms-up tilt and swirl to disperse unfiltered apple-wine sediment evenly.


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