Cucina & Amore Organic Pasta

Cucina & Amore Organic PastaNews Flash! We’ve just got Cucina & Amore Organic Pasta in stock in our store.
Cucina & Amore products are favorites among both our staff and customers, and their pasta promises not to disappoint. Come on in and try it, and let us know what you think.

Cucina & Amore crafts Bronze Cut Traditional Italian pasta made from organic durum wheat semolina, and its GMO-Free. They are based in Novato, California and produce a great line of delicious products which include pasta sauces made with fresh, organic ingredients.

Try some with our recipe for Lemon Chicken over Buttered Pasta.

What we currently have in stock:
Linguine N. 91
Capellini N. 80
Spaghetti N. 81
Penne Rigate N. 71
Elbows N. 42
Fusili N. 66
Farfalle N. 22

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