Cup 4 Cup Gluten-Free Flour

Cup 4 Cup Gluten-Free FlourIf you are living gluten-free, you have eaten your fair share of disappointing baked goods. One bite and you immediately recognize that GF, ersatz flavor.

But now for something completely different…
Cup 4 Cup Gluten-Free Flour was developed by Thomas Keller and his team of chefs to serve as a cup-for-cup substitute in all of your favorite recipes. With the holidays upon us, you can use these flours with confidence that your traditional recipes will taste delicious. It works is sweet baked goods like cookies and cakes, as well as biscuits, quick breads, and pasta. Cup 4 Cup delivers exceptional taste, texture, and performance. (We don’t recommend it for yeasted bread because…gluten.)

And, if you have gluten-free guests coming for dinner, you no longer need to stress about what to serve them. Just prepare your usual dishes and substitute Cup 4 Cup wherever it calls for flour.

Cup 4 Cup Multipurpose Flour was developed by chefs of Thomas Keller’s acclaimed restaurants, Cup4Cup’s Multipurpose Flour is the original gluten-free flour and first 1:1 substitution for all-purpose and wheat flour in most any recipe. Unlike most gluten-free flours, Cup4Cup has a neutral flavor that won’t change the taste of your favorite recipes, making it the perfect gluten-free solution for your favorite cookies, cakes, cupcakes, quick breads, pie crust, gravy and sauces, scones, muffins, and homemade pasta.

Giving up gluten doesn’t mean giving up the foods you’ve always loved.
–Thomas Keller

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