D Barbero Holiday Chocolates

Photo D Barbero Holiday Chocolates with candied citrus peel

Candied Citrus Peels Covered with Dark Chocolate.
D Barbero Holiday Chocolates are classic wintertime confections that are imported from Italy. They make a delicious holiday treat. We carry both the lemon peel and the orange peel covered with dark chocolate.

Candied citrus peel is the perfect sweet treat with a burst of orange and lemon flavor balanced with the subtle sophistication of rich chocolate. A distinctly adult treat. One or two strips are enough to satisfy a sweet craving.

Untreated lemon and orange peels are hand-cut, candied, and covered with rich dark chocolate. A wonderfully adult treat.

About D Barbero
Davide Barbero company has a long story thanks to the discovery of some official documents from the Church of Mombercelli d’Asti, their story begins with the founding of the company in 1883. They began by selling nougat and noasetti. The company has been family-owned for many generations and is renowned for its delicious confections.

D Barbero Holiday Chocolates are great for holiday gifting and make a welcome addition to your cookie tray. They are also delicious on their own with a hot cup of coffee or tea.



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