Devoto Orchards Cider

Devoto OrchardsHow ’bout them apples?

At Piedmont Grocery we are loving the fall flavors of Devoto Orchards Cider. They are made from handpicked, never concentrated, 100% organic, heirloom apples. They come in three varieties, and we can’t decide which we like better.

Cidre Noir offers layers of ginger, licorice, and crisp green apple on the palate, finished with an elegant tannic structure.

1976 has aromas of ripe pear lead to a creamy texture and lush fruit on the palate finished with soft tannins.

Gravestein has aromas of lemon, sage, yeast, and mint on the nose lead to bright acidity and a smooth finish.

To make the best cider, your family tree better be…well…an apple tree.
—Jolie Devoto, 2nd Generation Apple Farmer

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