Dinner Out on Piedmont Avenue

Dinner Out on Piedmont AvenueTake a night off from the kitchen, and grab dinner out on Piedmont Avenue.
There are so many wonderful restaurants in our neighborhood. Here is a shout-out to just a few that can help you mix up the flavors, and enjoy something unique. These are great, relaxing stops on the way home from a hard day’s work. And, tell them we sent you!

Mistura—Peruvian Rotisserie
Mistura is a unique addition to the wide variety of restaurants on Piedmont Avenue. It specializes in Peruvian fusion cuisine, a variation in the flavors and colors of the native culture, and influenced by the Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Spanish people living in Peru. And, the atmosphere informal, but with simple touches like small candles on tables at dinner. The food is delicious and filling.

3858 Piedmont Avenue
(510) 652-1439

Ba Bite—Fine Middle Eastern Cuisine
Ba-Bite specializes in delicious food like you would get if you were invited into their home. This affordable cafe is Zagat-rated. And, they serve fresh, flavorful salads, delicioius hummus plates and seasonal entrees made from local ingredients. Their atmosphere is relaxed and informal.

3905 Piedmont Avenue
(510) 250-9526

Kronnerburger is a high-end burger joint that will leave your palette satisfied. It was once a popular pop-up, and now delivers a rich, delectable rare burger (plus a vegan version), along with salads and sides and beer and wine. The casual atmosphere is outfitted with white marble, stainless steel, and banquettes. Kronnerburger is Zagat reviewed.

4063 Piedmont Avenue
(510) 410-7145

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