Don Chilio Chile Crisp

Don Chilio Chile Crisps Habanero Flavor

For spicy foods enthusiasts.
Don Chilio Chile Crisp is satisfyingly tasty and crunchy. Made with fresh peppers that have been crisped in seasoned olive oil. This method preserves both the chiles and the olive oil and makes the chiles crispy.

You can add it to chicken, meats, fruit, salad, and eggs. They’re wonderful with cheeses and crackers. We like to keep a jar on the table to add some heat to whatever dish you want to enhance. There is a smokey flavor. And, be forewarned…a little goes a long way.

We are carrying two flavors of Don Chilio Chile Crisp.

Their flavor is reminiscent of green bell peppers, with more heat than sweet. Jalapeños are the mildest of our Don Chilio chiles. But remember, mild is in the palate of the taster. So, start with a little dab, and then decide how much to use!

Use them to add assertiveness to tacos, nachos, salsa, chili, and salad dressings. They’re delicious in casseroles, egg dishes, stir-fries, and even beverages! Pop one on top of your fresh-lime margarita for the ultimate sweet-sour-salty-hot experience. Be adventurous.

Habanero Chiles are famously hot, and ours are no exception-definitely the fieriest flavor! While maintaining a hint of floral sweetness in that flame, a little goes a long way to create deliciously attention-getting salsas, sauces, and soups.

But, go ahead and think outside of the jar. They can be surprisingly good in sweet foods too. Add a tiny dab to butter cookie dough, a 1/8 teaspoon to marmalade, or grind a pinch into powdered cocoa for a whole new experience in hot chocolate—yum!

About Don Chilio
Don Chilio uses traditional ingredients from Mexico and adds a modern twist to create unique products.

Mauricio and Diego de la Torre are two brothers from Mexico City who love to eat. Their grandfather taught them how to truly enjoy every bite of food. He taught that through food we all connect with people and cultures around the world.


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