Drake’s Brewing Co. Bavarian Style Hefeweizen

Drake's Brewing Co. Bavarian Style HefeweizenLike the fog lingering over the SF Bay, Drake’s take on the classic wheat beer is unfiltered for a hazy appearance and fluffy mouthfeel. It’s a smooth, easy drinker, with notes of fresh banana and clove spice that finishes with a soft, mellow sweetness.

When the Drake’s brewers set out to make Hefe, they wanted this classic Bavarian style wheat beer to be refreshing, have a touch of citrus, use high quality malted wheat, and have spicy phenolic and fruity ester aromas derived from a German yeast strain. They brought in a true Hefeweizen yeast for our Hefe, but kept the fermentation temperatures slightly lower than those used in Bavaria. As a result, our Hefe is more in line with the tastes of West Coast drinkers, with its refreshing and relatively dry finish, and a subtle accent of the traditional flavors of banana and clove.

Drake’s Brewing Company started brewing inside a former Dodge car factory in 1989 in San Leandro during the first wave of craft beer. Since then, the company has evolved from pioneer to persistent innovator.

Hefeweizen pares nicely with Sausage with Sweet Mustard, Arugula Salad with Citrusy Vinaigrette and Chèvre, and Lemon Meringue Pie.

Drake’s Hefeweizen won the gold award at the 2015 California State Fair and the bronze at the 2003 California State Fair.

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