East Bay Wildflower Hikes

East Bay Wildflower HikesAfraid you missed this year’s super bloom? Because of the extended rainfall, it is still going on. And, you don’t need to travel far or brave crowds to be delighted by a wildflower display. East Bay Wildflower Hikes are in abundance, and we have included a list of some of our top picks for wildflower viewing.

The East Bay is home to wonderful blossoms, and they are coming up all over, even from the cracks in the sidewalk! You can see wildflowers almost anywhere this time of year, including the Berkeley Marina and Albany Bulb. But, wouldn’t it be worth it to venture into one of our glorious East Bay parks this weekend—while the hills are still vibrantly green, and the wildflowers are blooming?

Mount Diablo
Many naturalists consider Mt. Diablo the best Bay Area spot for wildflower hunting. California golden poppies have exploded across its grassy hillsides and valleys. Trails along Mitchell Canyon, Castle Rock, and the back canyon are prime spots for blossoms. Take Ygnacio Valley Rd. to Clayton Valley Road for easy access to trails.

Briones Regional Park
Briones, an expansive park spread across the East Bay hills, is blooming with wildflowers.  Its hills are exceptionally green after this winter’s rains. Hike the Oursan Trail along the reservoir or go eastward on the Crescent Ridge Trail. Also, horseback riding is allowed on many of the park’s trails.

Tilden Park
Tilden has its array of wildflowers, too. Nimitz Way is popular for hikers and bikers, as is the trail from Inspiration Point. Or grab a map and explore the intricate web of less traveled trails.

Anthony Chabot Regional Park
Spring blossoms have taken over Bort Meadows and Grass Valley along the Skyline Trail in Chabot Regional Park. You can hike, ride horses and cycle along the trails. Check the website for updates on possible trail closures due to this winter’s storms.

Sunol Regional Wilderness
Lupines, California poppies, mustard, and goldfields cover the region, which is also home to turkey vultures, golden eagles, and acorn woodpeckers. The Maguire Peaks Loop Trail is great for viewing wildflowers. While you are there, check out Sunol’s unique history.

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