Edison Grainery Organic Yellow Split Peas

Edison Grainery Organic Yellow Split PeasThis rainy weather has inspired us to cook warming recipes using beans. Edison Grainery Organic Yellow Split Peas are one of our favorite go-to legumes for soups and stews.

Yellow split peas can be used interchangeably with green in recipes. And they do have a milder flavor, tend to taste a bit sweeter, and the color is quite attractive. They are used frequently in Indian cuisine, where they are called dal.

Try this Yellow Split Pea Soup Recipe from 101 Cookbooks. It’s made with Greek yogurt and garnished with chopped olives. Because the peas are split, they only take about 30 to 40 minutes to cook, so it’s doable for a weeknight dinner. And poured into a mason jar, it makes a portable lunch for the office.

Edison Grainery has impressed us with their delicious products, variety, commitment to quality, and not to mention their elegant packaging. Their mission is to making certain everyone can eat organically. So, this means their products are processed and stored in a dedicated, allergen-free warehouse.

And, because their parent company is Edison Grains, they eliminate the daisy chain of suppliers, producers, manufacturers, and distributors. This helps to keep their prices low.

Plus, they are an Oakland-based company, and who doesn’t love local?

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