Emmi Raclette Cheese

Emmi Raclette CheeseBring a little Switzerland into your life with Emmi Raclette Cheese.

We love this cheese because of it’s wonderfully creamy taste and distinct flavor. Even if you don’t have the traditional raclette maker, it has many uses…and most of them involved melting.

Emmi Raclette Cheese is a classic melting cheese that balances mild, nutty notes and an assertive aroma for rich depth of flavor. Originally used in the classic Swiss Dish (called raclette) with boiled potatoes, blanched vegetables, cornichons, and pickled onions.

It’s also great in Mac n’ cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, crostini, flatbreads and pizza—or in a sandwich with corned beef or salami. Raclette is delicious with apples and grapes, and pairs well with riesling, sparkling cider, and amber ale.

And, check out this amazing recipe for Cheese and Smoked Ham in a Puff Pastry that uses raclette cheese.

Raclette cheese was originally made in the mountains of Switzerland. It’s texture is very smooth, and it seems to melt in the mouth. It has a distinct aroma, and strong flavor with rich wine-like notes, and a tangy accent.

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