Espresso Machine Raffle

espresso machine detailDon’t forget to enter! The winner will be drawn on January 22nd.

Piedmont Grocery together with illy Coffee is raffling off a gorgeous, Francis Francis X7.1 iperE­spresso Machine in our store.

Francis Francis X7.1 iperE­spresso Machine
Pre­pare café-​​quality espresso at home with the touch of a button. The beautifully-​​designed espresso machine fea­tures includes a steam wand that froths milk for creamy cap­puc­cino and latte.

Unlike con­ven­tional one-​​stage sys­tems, the iperE­spresso cap­sule system uses an inno­v­a­tive, patented two-​​stage process to create intensely aro­matic, full-​​bodied espresso with rich, long-​​lasting crema. And because extrac­tion takes place entirely inside the cap­sule, the coffee and machine never come in con­tact m

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