Espresso Maker Give Away for Valentines Day

Espresso Maker Give Away for Valentines DayIf you are an espresso fan, then we have something special in store for you. This month we have an espresso maker give away. We will be raffling off a gorgeous, Francis Francis X7.1 iper Espresso Machine in our store.

The raffle begins on Monday the 5th, and the winner will be drawn on Valentines Day, February 14th.

Francis Francis X7.1 iperEspresso Machine
Prepare café-quality espresso at home with the touch of a button. The beautifully-designed espresso machine features includes a steam wand that froths milk for creamy cappuccino and latte.

Unlike conventional one-stage systems, the iperEspresso capsule system uses an innovative, patented two-stage process to create intensely aromatic, full-bodied espresso with rich, long-lasting crema. And because extraction takes place entirely inside the capsule, the coffee and machine never come in contact making for quick and easy clean up.

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