Farfalle Arcobaleno (Rainbow Bowties)

colorful bowtiesPasta Party
This unbelievable pasta, by Marella (Imported by Italian Harvest), has a rainbow array of colors, each indicative of the different natural ingredients that are added to the flour mix. The artful color combinations change with almost every pack. A wonderfully flavorful pasta that is free of chemicals, this artisan Italian pasta is extruded through a bronze cast, giving it: a wonderful yellow appearance, a rough texture to hold sauces better, enhanced flavor, and increased nutritional value. Because of the slow drying, it swells up to three times its original volume while cooking.

Piedmont Grocery currently has their Farfalle Arcobaleno (Rainbow Bowties), Lingua di Suocera in Gift Box, and Lasagna Plaid on our shelves. We can’t decide which is more spectacular!


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