Father’s Day Gifting

Dad's BBQWhy is it so challenging to find a unique gift for Father’s Day? Why do we get stuck with same ideas: ties, cuff-links, wallets, and smelly aftershave?

At Piedmont Grocery we like to go with the old adage, “The key to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” thus opening a world of possibility.

Father’s Day BBQ Kit
Come on down to the store, and fill a gift bag with a kit that will keep him happily barbecuing all summer. Start out with these great products:

Pick up an assortment of amazing spice blends and rubs from Just Cook.

Toss in a delicious blend or two of Haks BBQ Sauces. Maybe Chipotle Bourbon or
Thai Chile Tamarind.

For days when fish is on the grill, don’t forget a gingery bottle of Daddy Sam’s Salmon Glaze.

And for a finishing touch, grab a few packs of Grapevine Trading Company’s Rosemary Skewers to add flair to his feast.

Toss in a 6-pack of a favorite, micro-brewed, Oregon delight from Deschutes Brewery.

Or perhaps your Dad would favor a 5th of something tasty? Here are our staff picks:

Dad’s a great guy –– Glenmorangie The Original

Dad is The Man –– Coal Isla 12 yr Malt Whiskey

Dad is the bestest Dad ever! –– Lagavulin Islay 16 yr. Single Malt

If all else fails, you can never go wrong with an old-fashioned, Banana Cream Pie.

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