Fitzgerald Stone Fruit Has Arrived!

Bite into these succulent peaches and nectarines, and you’ll see why our customers look forward to Fitzgerald Fruit’s arrival in our summer produce aisles.

Here’s what’s in:
White Blush Peaches
Maycrest Yellow Peaches
Sugarlips Low Acid Peaches

Mayfire Yellow Nectarines
Lovely White Necatrines
Carmen Miranda Nectarines

The genius behind Fitzgerald Fruit is J. Fitzgerald Kelly, aka Fitz, and his partner, Art Lange. Fitz thinks that people have become accustomed to buying picture-perfect fruit that has been engineered to sacrifice flavor for good looks. They think that we’ve forgotten that every piece of fruit should be memorable; it should taste sweet, tangy and utterly delicious. We, along with a lot of happy fans, believe that Fitz and Lange deliver on their promise.


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