Five Ways to Observe Pi Day

Pi DayToday is Pi day, a celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi). In 2009, the House of Representatives passed a resolution to observe Pi Day on March 14th. So, here are five ways to celebrate.

1. Learn the Pi Fugue on the piano. (Note: it’s kinda random, and goes on and on…)

2. Read this excellent New Yorker article, Why Pi Matters, by Steven Strogatz. Or watch this TED talk.

3. Buy yourself a Pi T-shirt.

3. For parents, students, and teachers, here is a Pi Day toolkit for learning about pi.

4. Find Your Birthday Hidden in Pi in this online calculator. Enter the month and day of your birthday and see where it occurs in the numerical sequence of pi.

5. Or eat pie…really, that’s what we plan to do. (Because we would never throw a perfectly good pie!) And, we have some great selections in the store today. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

From Gianna’s Baking Company, there’s Peach, Apple Pecan, Blueberry, Cherry, and Four Berry pies.

From Uppercrust, we’ve got Pecan, Apple, Berry Surprise, Peach, Mixed Berry, and Key Lime Pie.

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