Fra’ Mani Handcrafted Lunchmeats

CapicolloWe are thrilled to announce we are now carrying Fra’Mani! These authentic, handcrafted meats are as good as it gets.

Fra’ Mani keeps old world food traditions alive in taste and craft, using ingredients of the highest-quality from sustainable sources. A Berkeley-based business, Fra’ Mani was founded by chef Paul Bertolli (a Chez Panisse and Oliveto alum).

We are currently carrying four varieties:
Spicy Uncured Capicollo
$15.99 per pound
Fragrant with a smooth texture and flavor. A staple of Italian-style sandwiches, it makes an excellent addition to charcuterie boards and also may be used as pizza topping when sliced thinly. It is seasoned with red pepper, garlic, vinegar, fennel seed and black pepper and is lightly smoked over natural wood.

Rosemary Ham
$15.99 per pound
Hand-trimmed, with a thin layer of flavorful cover fat. This ham has an appealing light pink complexion and is seasoned with rosemary.

Smoked Uncured Pancetta
$16.99 per pound
Made according to the traditional Italian production method of “pancetta arrotolata” (rolled pancetta). Hand trimmed and hand-salted, Smoked Uncured Pancetta is seasoned with their own blend of spices and smoked over hickory wood.

$14.99 per pound
Made with prime cuts from the leg, shoulder, and belly, carefully trimmed by hand, and minutely fine-ground. Speckled with small cubes of pork jowl, the firmest and most flavorful fat on the hog. Slow-roasted for 10 hours with dry heat and finished with a breath of natural fruitwood smoke.

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